What Makes a Successful Movie?

Making a movie entails a lot of risks.  There is not one single magic formula that determines what makes a successful movie. First and foremost it needs to be an entertaining movie.  A brood term, but what is entertaining to some may not be entertaining to others.  Star power.  Everyone has their favorite star that they will see in any movie totally disregarding the content of that particular movie.  Timing, it sounds cliché, but timing is everything.  Huge action movies do best in summer when kids are out of school and serious Oscar contenders do best around the holidays.

Movie Storyline

Script of a movie is the basic foundation.  A good movie storyline and a well-made script is at the heart of every successful movie. The script must appeal to a wide variety of audiences.  It must focus on a particular genre such as mystery, romance, horror or it could be a multi-genre. Successful movies are known to tug at the heartstrings of the audience because they are easy to relate to.

Making a movie

Making a movie

Even if Tom Cruise is your favorite actor you do not want to sit through 120 minutes watching him in a boring, with a poor movie storyline.  Granted, there are so many movies that have such a huge buzz going into their opening weekend that people will go and see the movie.  But when word gets out that people did not enjoy the movie the second week’s take will be drastically less.  If a movie can stay in the top 5 for two weeks and the top ten for 5 weeks it is a successful movie. And you cannot stay relevant when people are telling everyone they know what a bad movie it was.  Word of mouth kills a box office. Continue reading What Makes a Successful Movie?

Coco avant Chanel

Legendary Fashion Icon Coco Chanel’s Life in Theatres

Life story of Gabrielle Chanel, known as the fashion icon Coco Chanel is filmed. A tasteful story of a poor girl who transformed into a legendary fashion designer, a biopic movie with some romance but more than that, a real success story of a modern woman.

The $26 million budgeted Warner Bros movie ‘Coco avant Chanel’ (Coco Before Chanel), starring Audrey Tautou, is directed by Anne Fontaine who is also one of the screenwriters of the movie. This year, there are three movie projects on Coco Chanel but this one really deserves admiration with magnificent performance of Audrey Tautou. Coco avant Chanel of Anne Fontaine focuses on the rise of Gabrielle Chanel to fame while another Chanel movie of Kounen is about her relationship with Stravinsky.

Coco Avant Chanel
Coco Avant Chanel


GENRE: Biography, drama

DIRECTOR: Anne Fontaine

CAST: Audrey Tautou

Alessandro Nivola

Marie Gillain

Benoît Poelvoorde

Emmanuelle Devos

Fabien Béhar

Pierre Diot

RUNTIME: 105 min


Gabrielle Chanel born in France in 1883. She was 12 years old when her mother died. She was raised in a convent orphanage as her father abondened her after her mother’s death. However, her fortune dramatically changed and she became a legendary fashion icon. Continue reading Coco avant Chanel

Blu Ray versus DVD

Technology, especially in electronics and disc technology is developing at a dazzling speed. Now we have Blu-ray versus DVD, blue laser technology versus red laser used for our DVDs. It seems that the term ‘DVD’ standing for Digital Versatile Disc will be replaced by the term ‘BD’ standing for Blu-ray Disc. It has already begun entering our lives as well as our terminology.

When we take a look at its advantages, the storage capacity of this next-generation format BD is five times more than DVD format. The capacity of a single layer is 25GB and dual-layer has 50GB capacity. Blu-ray provides read-only (BD-ROM), recordable (BD-R) and rewritable (BD-RE) formats. A dual-layer can contain 9 hours of high definition video. It supports all the codecs that DVD format supports and in addition, it supports Dolby True HD, DTS-HD and DTS Digital Surround audio codecs and MPEG-4AVC and SMPTE VC-1 video codes. Early Blu-ray disc players didn’t support Dolby True HD, but most of the current models support it and most of the blu-ray movie releases feature Dolby True HD audiotrack. The video bit rate is maximum 40.0 Mbps while DVD has only 9.8 Mbps video bit rate.

Continue reading Blu Ray versus DVD


Jim Carrey returned back to the movies world with ‘Yes Man’ to make us laugh again. During the Yes Man London premiere, the famous actor said: “I haven’t finished yet,” and he stated that he will never quit acting even though he becomes doomed to wheelchair one day.

The new Jim Carrey movie Yes Man, adopted from the work of famous Scotch writer  and cult comedian Danny Wallace, is directed by Peyton Reed, the skillful director of the movies ‘The Break Up’ and ‘Bring It On’. On the first day in Los Angeles movie theaters Yes Man grossed $18.2 million.

The Yes Man London premiere stirred up interest of Jim Carrey fans. The actors of the movie, Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel and Bradley Cooper came to Leicester Square together with the director Peyton Reed and the writer Danny Wallace to meet the fans and movie lovers in spite of the cold weather. The fans of the ‘most famous live comedian’ greeted them with enthusiasm.

Yes Man London Premiere

Yes Man London Premiere - Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel

The unforgettable actor of ‘The Truman Show’, ‘The Mask’, ‘Liar Liar’, ‘Man On The Moon’, ‘Bruce Almighty’ and 2 times winner of Golden Globe award and 9 times winner of  MTV movie award, Jim Carrey is now back in the movie theaters as Yes Man, Carl Allen.

Due to his long time disappearance, some people said Jim Carrey  was finished but he says he is not. He explained that he had no aim to quit acting but Continue reading JIM CARREY – NOT FINISHED YET!


The acting performance seen in films reflect the diversity of cinema practice over time and across the globe. Each acting performance is crucial in filmmaking and contributes to the film performances.Performances by actors, like the contributions made by other members of a film production team, are designed to be consistent with the film style as a whole.

Most often, they are crafted to convey a director’s interpretation of the narrative. Because acting performance is integral component of specific films and films themselves differ widely it is not possible to evaluate individual acting performance in relation to a fixed standard, such as the expectation that acting in the cinema should be realistic.

Instead, film performance is best understood and assessed by Continue reading ACTING IN THE CINEMA

Movie Genres

Most of the movies have a major genre as well as sub-genres. Here are the basic movie genres and what they are mainly about.

  • Action movies : Struggle between opposite physical forces

Some of the most famous action movies are; James Bond series, Die Hard, Kill Bill and Man On Fire

  • Comedy movies : Cheerful, funny, hilarious stories

Some of the most famous comedy movies are; Dumb and Dumber, A Fish Called Wanda, Hot Shots and Wayne’s World Continue reading Movie Genres

The Academy Awards

The ‘Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ (©A.M.P.A.S.®), publicly known as the  ‘Academy Awards’ is a professional organization that represents members of the motion picture industry, both technical and artistic. The organization consists of more than 6000 members and has 14 branches, which are writers, directors, actors,  producers, film editors, cinematographers, sound, visual effects, animation, art directors, executives, music, short films and documentary.

To be a member of the Academy, sponsorship of minimum two members of the same branch is required and the candidate must have ‘achieved distinction in the motion pictures arts and sciences’. The revenue of the Academy comes from the member dues. Additional income comes from theater rentals and publication of  Players Directory’. More than 120,000 union actors from all over the world are listed in the Players Directory. The Academy sells the rights to telecast the annual Academy Award ceremonies and this makes the main financial source.

Magic of Motion Picture

Magic of Motion Picture

A.M.P.A.S. does not only distribute Oscar statues to people but supports training and technological advancements in motion picture industry. Academy organizes seminars for training. It has a huge library and film archive as a resource for researches. Academy encourages educational activities in several ways as well as the promotional activities. Continue reading The Academy Awards


Say YES to LIFE!

Hollywood’s comic man Jim Carrey returned with Yes Man movie, successfully adapted from the work of famous Scotch writer Danny Wallace. Perhaps not every audience will burst into laughter but the movie promises to make you smile, enjoy good time and think about how open you are to changes and novelties in life, how positive you are.

A comedy master Jim Carrey, an experienced director of romantic comedies, Peyton Reed and a work of a famous writer, Danny Wallace. It is worth a watch, isn’t it?

Yes Man

Yes Man


GENRE: Comedy, romance

DIRECTOR: Peyton Reed

CAST: Jim Carrey
Zooey Deschanel
Bradley Cooper
John Michael Higgins
Rhys Darby

RUNTIME: 104 min




Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) is a loan officer who is a negative man associated with the word ‘no’. He rejects his friends’ invitations and being in social environments as well as everything else and lives lonely . However, a self help seminar he attends, changes his negative attitude and in consequence, his life. This self help seminar suggests that everything in life may go alright if people do not reject the opportunities they come across and say ‘yes’ to novelties. Carl Allen decides to try this and his life changes dramatically. He meets a girl, he becomes better in his job and loved by his friends when ‘No Man’ becomes a ‘Yes Man’.

Continue reading YES MAN


New Movie of Clint Eastwood Gran Torino

Gran Torino of the American icon Clint Eastwood is number one has grossed $40 million after a month of limited release. Critics and audiences have already begun to discuss whether Clint Eastwood will get one more Oscar with Gran Torino.


GENRE: Drama, action, crime

DIRECTOR:  Clint Eastwood

CAST: Clint Eastwood
Bee Vang
Christopher Carley
Ahney Her
Brian Haley
Geraldine Hughes
John Carroll Lynch

RUNTIME: 116 min


Gran Torino is the story of a cranky, racist old man, a retired auto worker and a Korean war vet Walt Kowalski, living alone after he lost his wife. This fractious man doesn’t like close relationships with his neighbors and his sons and he isn’t pleased with the Asians moving into the region he lives. One of his Hmong neighbors, a young boy Thao, tries to steal his Grand Torino car which is very important for him. Walt  learns that Thao is threatened by Asian gangs to steal the car and finds himself in the life of Thao and his family, trying to protect them from the Asian gangs.

Continue reading GRAN TORINO


If you want to get scared, watch this movie!


GENRE: Thriller, horror

DIRECTOR: John Eric Dowdle

CAST: Jennifer Carpenter

Steve Harris

Jay Hernandez

Johnathon Schaech

Andrew Fiscella

RUNTIME: 89 min

SYNOPSIS: A TV news crew, while working at night shift, come across the fire fighters in front of a small apartment building. They realize that a woman was infected by an unknown virus. The residents try to escape but the building is quarantined. The residents are never heard from again.

Continue reading QUARANTINE


You must have heard about the success of Chihuahua. It is the second week that the figure at Boxoffice is already $52,5541,000. But what makes this light comedy Number 1 for 2 weeks?


GENRE : Comedy, family, adventure

DIRECTORRaja Gosnell

CAST   : Drew Barrymore

Andy Garcia

George Lopez

Paul Rodriguez

Placido Domingo

Edward James Olmos

Jamie Lee Curtis

RUNTIME : 91 min

SYNOPSIS: A Disney comedy about a spoilt Beverly Hills Chihuahua, called Chloe. Chloe has a luxurious lifestyle isolated from ordinary life but one day she gets lost in Mexico. Papi, another Chihuahua that belongs the gardener is desperately in love with Chloe and tries to rescue her.